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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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this as rick perry's weak showing over the weekend shakes up the gop field. the latest on the battle for the white house. the american hikers held by iran for more than two years return to the u.s. describing the horrors of their prison captivity and calling themselves political hostages. what's next for shane bauer and josh fattal. and amanda knox is back in court this morning in her fight to win an appeal. her case wraps up this week, but a friend says the american convicted of killing a fellow student can barely sleep or eat at this point. the latest early this monday morning, september 26, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good monday good morning. nice to have you with us. nice to have you with us as well. >> thank you. also this morning, a startling claim from new york
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city's police chief. in a "60 minutes" interview, commissioner ray kelly tells scott pelley that the nypd has the firepower to shoot don a plane if it's necessary to protect the city. we'll hear more from that interview as kelly discusses new york's anti-terror operations in just a couple of minutes. >> those revelationing getting a lot of attention this morning. that ahead as jim mentioned. but we begin this morning with president obama, who is ramping up the rhetoric. last night, he started a west coast trip with a blast to republicans telling big money supporters at a fundraiser that the gop's idea of government would, quote, fundamentally cripple america. senior white house correspondent bill plante has more on the efforts to rally the democratic base. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erica. no more mr. nice guy. but the president is responding to liberals in his party, and not just liberals who think he's been too willing to compromise. before he went to california, he also offered some tough love to the congressional black caucus. >> take off your bedroom slippers. put on your marching shoes. shake it off.
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stop complaining. stop grumbling. stop crying. we are going to press on. we've got work to do. >> reporter: mr. obama's re-election campaign kicks off operation vote, a program to shore up support and turnout among targeted minorities and age groups. a recent poll shows his approval rating in the african-american community has plummeted 26 points in five months. in part because black unemployment stands at 16.7%, almost double the national average. in an interview airing tonight on b.e.t., the president says he hasn't forgotten who put him in the oval office. >> i am spending all my time in this office trying to make sure that if there is some kid in the south side of chicago that doesn't have a shot right now, isn't going to a good school, parent doesn't have a job, that i'm fighting for him. >> reporter: the president's eroding support has given
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republicans new ammunition. >> it sounds like the new slogan is no longer hope and change. it's, hey, it could have been worse. >> reporter: the president may have gotten some campaign advice over the weekend from another veteran of the partisan wars, former president bill clinton. after congress went republican in 1994, clinton looked to the center, embraced ideas from both parties in a process known as triangulation, and was re-elected in 1996. on his west coast trip, the president will attend seven fundraisers. two in seattle, two in the san francisco area, one in san diego, and two more in los angeles. he's expected to net about $4 million for his campaign and party. they have a goal of raising $55 million for the quarter. however, raising campaign cash is much harder than it used to be. the thousands of small contributions which the president got last time from independents and young voters are not coming in as quickly this time.
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erica? >> bill plante, thanks. and joining us is maxine waters of california, former chairman of the congressional black caucus. good to have you with us. first of all, what was your reaction to that speech from president obama, when he said stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying? >> well, i'm not sure exactly who the president was talking to. as you know, the congressional black caucus has been out in five cities where we held town hall meetings and jobs fairs. addressing this 16.7% unemployment that's real. that translates in some areas to 30%, 40% unemployment. and with black youth, 50% unemployment. so i'm not sure who the president was addressing. i found that language a bit curious, because the president spoke to the hispanic caucus and certainly they are pushing him on immigration. and despite the fact that he is
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appointed a hispanic to the supreme court, they are still pushing him. he certainly didn't tell them to stop complaining. and he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community, who really pushed him on don't ask, don't tell. or even in a speech to apac. he would never say to the jewish community, stop complaining about israel. so i don't know who he was talking to, because we're certainly not complaining. we are working. we support him. and we are protecting that base, because we want people to be enthusiastic about him when that election rolls around. >> in terms of enthusiasm, it sounds like if i'm reading between the lines, congresswoman, you think he may not have chosen the best language to get people enthusiast enthusiastic. but last month, you were speaking in detroit, and you said to the folks there, i'm looking for your permission to, quote, unleash to have a conversation with the president. it would sound like that you feel maybe he hasn't heard what's gone on with some of
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those events that you held. so what is that conversation you want to have, and have you had it? >> well, as you know, if you listen to that particular part of the town hall meeting, there were a lot of complaints and shouting from the audience about what they wanted us to do, what they wanted the president to do. and basically, i said, are you ready for this conversation? and if you are, unleash us. and of course they yelled, you are unleashed, because the conversation must be about, first of all, i recognize that there's pain and desperation in the african-american community. the unemployment rates are just unacceptable. people want jobs. they want to work. when we had these jobs fairs, they stood in line by the thousands circling the blocks to get a chance to talk to employers. in los angeles, 10,000 people showed up. so they want to know that we recognize and the president recognizes the pain that's in the african-american community.
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>> congresswoman, we only have about 30 seconds. just quickly if you could. >> sure. >> do you think the president heard that, to go back to, based on the comments you heard saturday night? >> well, certainly. >> and if not, do you think he is taking african-americans for granted as we move into campaign season? >> well, he certainly heard us. that speech that he did to the congressional black caucus included the words "black" and "african-american" for the first time, and yes, he is energized. we helped him to get energized to deal with the concerns of the black community. i think he heard us. some of his words were not i think appropriate and surprised me a little bit. i was curious about him. but he certainly heard us. >> all right, congresswoman maxine waters. appreciate your time. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. this morning, american hikers josh fattal and shane bauer are back in the u.s. on sunday, they spoke about being held in an iranian prison for more than two years. cbs news correspondent seth doan attended the news conference here in new york. >> good morning, jim. the hikers apologized to their
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families for what they have been through and thanked the government, celebrities, and ordinary people who helped to get them free. they said that for two years, they lived in a world of lies and false hope. called their trial a sham. and gave us a glimpse of their lives in captivity. with friends and family by their side, americans josh fattal and shane bauer described their two-year ordeal in an iranian prison. >> many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten, and there was nothing we could do to help them. >> reporter: next to them stood sarah shourd, who was hiking with the two men along the iraq-iran border back in 2009, when they were arrested, charged with espionage, and sent to iran's notorious evan prison. shourd was released a year ago. >> sarah, josh, and i have experienced a taste of the iranian regime's brew talent. we have been held in isolation
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to the world and stripped of our rights and freedom. >> bauer and fatal say that were kept in a jail cell about the size of a mid range uhaul truck, just eight by 13 feet. >> in all the time in detention, we had a total of 15 minutes of telephone calls with our families. and one short visit from our mothers. we had to go on hunger strikes repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones. >> reporter: the duo called themselves hostages and political prisoners. pawns in an international diplomatic dispute. >> this was never about crossing the unmarked border between iran and iraq. we were held because of our nationality. no evidence was ever presented against us. >> reporter: the 29-year-olds maintain that they do not know if they even crossed into iran two years ago. after the press conference we met with family members. josh's mother told us the boys looked thin, but seemed physically strong.
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>> every day, every hour in the four days they have been home, every hour, it's a flower blossoming. it is so fabulous to watch it. >> reporter: why? what's happening? >> you just see they are freer to speak. >> reporter: the pair were freed on a $1 million bail last wednesday. when they landed at their first stop in the persian gulf country of oman, bauer fell into shourd's arms. the two got engaged in prison. a wedding date hasn't yet been set. >> describe those last few days at the reunion. >> it's been incredible. the moment that we saw shane and josh, running down the stairs of that plane, a huge burden was lifted off of all of our chests. and i feel more free than i have ever felt before in my life. >> you can see in the pictures such elation. the last four or five days have been a sort of outpouring of emotion. do you have a sense going forward in terms of processing the trauma they have been through what is going to be coming ahead for them? >> well, i asked both of the
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mothers about that. i said are you worried about your sons, and both of them said, yes, we are worried. how could we not be worried? they spent two years of in jail, much in solitary confinement. but they are seeing great improvements every day. and each others gave us a glimpse of what their lives was like. they had a very organized life. they used water bottles as weights. they tested each other in gre questions. and really were trying to keep each other mentally and physically fit. >> and as you hear from so many people who have been in confinement, it is key to keep your mind active. fascinating. seth, thanks. want to get to the latest now on amanda knox and the appeal of her murder conviction for killing a fellow exchange student in italy. a friend who has visited her in jail says that knox is so anxious about the verdict, she can't sleep or eat. a cbs news correspondent charlie daggetta has more from london this morning. good morning. amanda knox has plenty of reasons to be anxious. it's make or break week for her.
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if things go her way, she could be set free as early as a week from today. amanda knox says she's feeling the strain, and she looked it as she arrived in court this morning. italian tv showed a letter knox wrote from her cell to a local politician, where she said i'm very tired, maybe because it's hot in here or because i'm worried about the end of my case. she said she's constantly thinking of what she could do with loved ones when she's back in seattle. >> she's very hopeful because this trial has been so completely different than the first. >> reporter: those hopes are pinned on a new forensic report that casts serious doubt on crucial dna evidence from the first trial. she and former boyfriend were found guilty of murderi meredit kircher in 2007. prosecutors say she should get life in prison.
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today they will hear from a bar owner from the congo who knox originally accused of killing meredith. >> it's always difficult your innocent daughter is being -- a prosecutor asks for life in prison. but, you know, i still have great hopes. as it relates to the whole appeals trial. >> meredith kircher's family said this week that the focus of the murder trial has shifted to amanda knox instead of meredith. they say the world's forgotten about the loss of a victim her mothered called a very loving child and a very sweet girl. >> charlie, thanks. let's go to the news desk for a check of the day's headlines. >> good morning to you. in afghanistan overnight, an american was killed in a shooting on an annex of the u.s.
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embassy. the attack took place in a cia office in kabul. the gunman was an afghan rmpee. he was killed, and motive is not known. a second american was slightly wounded. two weeks after the 10th anniversary the 9/11 attacks, we are learning more about the extraordinary counterterrorism steps taken here in new york. in an interview on "60 minutes" last night, police commissioner raymond kelly told scott pelley about the radiation detectors and plans to deal with threats from the sky. >> it's something that's on our radar screen. i mean, an extreme situation, we would have some means to take down a plane. >> do you mean to say that the nypd has the means to take down an aircraft? >> yes, i would prefer not to get into the details. but obviously, this would be in a very extreme situation. >> you have the equipment and the training? >> yes. >> the nypd anti-terrorism command center housed in a secret location monitors more
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than 2,000 surveillance cameras around the city. and you can see more of the interview at and then clicking on 60 minutes. congress has until friday to agree to a measure to keep the government running. the democratic controlled senate is expected to vote on a bill today after rejecting a house measure on friday. the issue, the funding bill includes money for disaster relief. republicans want to offset that money with spending cuts elsewhere. after last week's big slump, wall street hopes to follow friday's modest gains with a stronger showing today, but investors have plenty to worry about. good morning, alexis, at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, betty. stocks rallied right out of the gate this morning, welcome news for weary investors after a brutal week for the stock market. its worst since october 2008. here is a look at what's happening right now on the big board. this may be a new week, but the
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same old worries persist. concern about the threat of a possible greek default continues to weigh heavy on world markets. and investors are looking for more clues about whether the u.s. economy is very near or already in a recession. and the new home figures are not helping matters. new home sales fell 2.3% in august. that's despite near record low mortgage rates. >> the threat of a recession is pushing crude oil back below $80 a barrel. gasoline is now averaging $3.51 a gallon nationwide. that's compared to about $4 a gallon back in may. with all of this uncertainty in the air, one thing
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still ahead this morning, rick perry loses two weekend still ahead, rick perry loses two weekend straw polls. >> a look at the gpa race with indiana governor mitch daniels, who decided to stay out himself. this is "the early show" on cbs. early show" on cbs. was helping, but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and added nonstimulant intuniv to his treatment plan. [ male announcer ] for some children like eric, adding once-daily nonstimulant intuniv to their stimulant has been shown to provide additional adhd symptom improvement. don't take if allergic to intuniv, its ingredients, or taking other medicines with guanfacine, like tenex. intuniv may cause serious side effects, such as low blood pressure, low heart rate, fainting, and sleepiness. intuniv may affect the ability to drive or use machinery. other side effects include nausea, tiredness,
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michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, goes on trial this week for manslaughter. we will have the latest. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" is sponsored by citibank. big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while.
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real juice. real bubbly. find it in the juice aisle. good morning. it's 7:25. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. president obama is in silicon valley today. he arrived at moffett field and went to woodside and atherton
7:25 am
for fundraisers at private homes. after spending the night at the fairmont in downtown san jose, he will head to the mountain view for a linkedin webcast. that's at 11 a.m. josh fattal and shane bauer spent their first night on u.s. soil since they were released from an iranian prison. the uc-berkeley alumni held a news conference in new york yesterday and read prepared statements, taking no questions from reporters. they said that they had been held hostage and they felt that they were political prisoners for the past two years. and we'll get an update of traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we'll start you off with a live look at conditions in the east bay. across the nimitz freeway, everything looks great. free-flowing on northbound and southbound 880 as you pass the coliseum. however, farther south, southbound 880 before 238 we have a four-car crash blocking one lane so traffic is stacking up there as you make your way through hayward. also, bay bridge harder to see now but looks like it's backed up well into the macarthur maze. we had a couple of problems earlier at the bay bridge so they are cycling through the metering lights slowly. they have been turned on since just before 6:30. san mateo bridge traffic looks
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fine. that is traffic. let's go to lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> a lot of sunshine beginning to show up around the bay area. we have some patchy fog out there, as well. let's take a live look outside toward the coastline. the golden gate, you can see some of that patchy fog out toward the coast right now. mostly sunny skies coming our way. the rain has ended. by the afternoon, temperatures really going to pop. lots of 80s showing up in the valleys, plenty of 70s inside the bay. and 60s at the coastline. next couple of days going to get hot in the valleys, even nice in the bay. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia.
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i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. city was for/against obama care but what about mitt romney?
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i mean, mitt romney care. was it was before he was before? was it was he was before? more control. >> and he's asleep. back to "the early show." i'm erica hill along with jim actle rod axle rod. >> some are thinking he will not be playing rick perry a year from now. >> his status hit a wall over the weekend. mitt romney won the michigan straw poll on sunday. on saturday, herman cain surprised everybody with winning the straw poll on saturday. jan, goorm.
7:31 am
wh good morning. when we take a look at rick perry with glns ablazing. there is a lot of criticism since the debate on thursday night. why not take a quick bit of what he said lately. >> there may be slicker candidates and there may be smoother debaters, but i know what i believe in and i'm going to stand on that belief every day. >> so there he is making his case. what has the impact, though, of the last few days been on his campaign, jan? >> reporter: he took off like a rocket when he got into this race last month. so this is bringing him back down to earth. the fact that herman ciain won that straw poll i think it shows voters aren't ready to embrace him or his message yet and now seeing him turn it into a positive. the clip you played he is not a slicket slick debater unlike mitt romney. i think you will see him saying
7:32 am
the questions that concerned about him these are elite washington insiders and he an outsider kind of guy. he has to do that to counter what you see is this emerging story line that he is just not ready for prime time. he may be on "saturday night live" but not ready for prime time. >> in terms of money, because in many ways, these races come down to money. we have heard from the beginning a lot of big republican donors are waiting to see how the field shakes out. has any of that changed? are we seeing more big donors step forward? >> perry is making a push and crisscrossing the country fund-raising and has cut into his prep time for the debates. like we tell our kids, if you don't do your homework you will flunk the tests. while he is out there raising money and trying to raise money, i think you're now seeing some of the donors after this performance this weekend have now got concern. they have been sitting on the sidelines seeing how he does and that is going to hurt him again with the donors, his performance in that debate. in the past few days as a result
7:33 am
of that, you're seeing some of those big donors, those donors still on the sideline making a big effort to recruit somewhere else like new jersey governor chris christie though he has said repeatedly saying he is not running. >> and mayor michael bloomberg saying it might not be a bad idea. one guy making headlines this year is indiana republican governor mitch daniels. his new book is "keeping the republic." he joins us this morning. good morning. >> hi, jim. >> let me ask you a question. herman cain didn't just win in florida this weekend. he had more votes than governor romney and governor perry combined. what does that tell you about the state of the republican field? >> give herman cain credit for being an interesting and forthright fellow. i think it clearly says folks are asking a little more from our front runners and i think
7:34 am
sending them a message they want to hear mow clarity and i hope we get it. >> when you see what is happening with the inability for a single candidate to sort of get some traction, does it make you rethink your decision at all to get out of the race? >> oh, it's never been my practice much, jim. and so the answer, i guess, would be no. but it certainly makes me feel as i have felt all along that our candidates have a real obligation next year, and this country is hanging on a knife edge, if people kent see it before, they can look at europe and see it today. i think the situation calls on our party and whoever leads it to trust the intelligence and the maturity of the american people, let's tell them exactly how big the fix is and let's tell them exactly what it will take to get out of it so we don't wind up looking like greece does today and other
7:35 am
countries soon will. >> so is there room for another republican in the field right now? >> there is room for a bolder, clearer message. again, one that, you know, bets on the common sense of the american people, their willingness to support big change, but, you know, i hope we will speak a language that is affirmative and that is unifying and invites all americans, even those who disagree about other things, to come together on this one threat, the debts we have piled up, the unpayable commitments we have booked for ourselves for the future and this is something that threatens every one of us, of every race, of every station in life. certainly threatens the young more than anyone. and let's go to work on while there is time and i really think americans would support that and our candidates need to be, i think, a little more confident, a little more trusting in the american people. >> governor, let me ask you about your meeting with governor chris christie of new jersey last week. he is somebody who can carry this message in the kind of
7:36 am
clear language that you're talking about right now? >> well, chris christie is doing it in new jersey. if he can make it there, he can make it anywhere, given the problems they have had. i think the world of the guy but i respect his point of view and his decision. >> what did he tell you? is his decision to not get in this race final in your view? >> i have no idea. i was out there hocking a book and he was helping me do it. we were having a good time as we always do when we are together. he is a very serious already in the american stage but it's entirely up to him and his family to decide if now is the time and i think we should all respect that if he wants to stay on the job he was hired for. >> about 30 seconds left. what does he have that is currently lacking in terms of exciting republican voters? what is governor christie bring to the mix? >> leaving the other folks aside who i think have lots of potential, i think what we all
7:37 am
like about chris christie he is clearly there for the right reasons. he just wants to make his state better and tell you exactly what the problems are and exactly
7:38 am
just ahead, a summer adventure beyond anyone's wildest dreams. you're going to meet a college student who saw the revolution in labibya up close. he'll share his story next on "the early show." ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira.
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for a clean, fresh towel every time. listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. goto for coupons. you can count on us. it's a summer vacation you can be sure to never forget and one that most would never consider. so why did chris travel thousands of miles to spend his break battling gadhafi?
7:42 am
a chance for a first-hand look at what he calls one of the only real revolutions in the world. video of the liberation is an amazing first-person account of history. not the work of a professional journalist but of a student this young man, a ucla math major whose decision to do something different with his summer made him an eyewitness. >> i wondered what is it really like living with people who are struggling every day for their freedom. i can't figure that out and answer that here. >> what made you decide to go? >> i made the decision to go four days prior. living with these people who are literally fighting for their rights, to have the smell of freedom on the streets every day, i wanted to experience that. the first day there was a desert
7:43 am
skirmish. artillery would hit the ground and they would come up to me and feel my heartbeat and see if i was scared. i didn't run away. they called me brave heart. after they realized i was there and i wouldn't back down or anything, they took me into the barracks and i slept with them. >> what was the scarriest experience you had there? >> the scareyest? a couple days before i left there was a major skirmish. when you are in a battle with artillery, you hear this noise. and then for two seconds you don't hear anything and then you hear a boom. and you don't know if that artillery shell is going to hit a mile away or one foot away from you. and the artillery landed right behind me, maybe about 80 feet away.
7:44 am
you could hear the ground tremor. >> the best part of the experience was the unshakable bond he formed with libyan friends and protectors. >> prior to libya i never spoke any arabic. i became so good at charades. and you know, language is just one way to communicate. there is body language, music. their taste of music, they are in love with justin bieber. when they said that i was like god are you serious? these are like macho dudes and they're like we love justin bieber and i was like what are you guys doing? >> so what's it like for you to be back on campus? >> ethereal. feels like a dream. i am in los angeles, i am still very much, you know, in libya living with these guys, hearing
7:45 am
the stories that they told me. they have gone through so much suffering. they were able to wake up every day in the morning and fight for the cause they so believe in. there was no price too high for their own freedom and their children's freedom. it was so inspiring to me. >> cbs news, los angeles. >> he was in libya for a month. he hoped to stay longer but once the story hit the news, he was urged to come home. not sure whether he will bring extra justin bieber material with him. the beliebers are all over the world. and michael jackson's doctor goes on trial. >> how his defense they focus on the king of pop's controversial lifestyle. this is the early show on cbs. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam cleaners.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
how great a year is melissa mccarthy having? she just won an emmy and coming off a huge movie summer hit along with her top rated sitcom and that is not all. >> not too shabby for a small town girl from illinois as she described herself at the emmys. we will talk with her more coming up on "the early show." [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is edith and ellen. i was the first-born... i got married first... i had children first... and i'm the first to get this haircut. i was the first to get a flu shot. you didn't make an appointment yet. don't need one at walgreens. strolled right in and got my flu shot early
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t obama is in silico good morning. 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm grace lee. president obama is in silicon valley today hoping to drum up support for his economic plan. this morning, he will head to the computer history museum in mountain view.
7:55 am
that's the site of a town to be webcast by linkedin. that event starts at 11 a.m. a manhunt is going on this morning in the east bay. a chase started in hayward and forced the closure of interstate 880 in oakland. the freeway was closed in both directions for more than an hour and a half near the coliseum. chp officers had their guns drawn on a stolen van that had crashed, and at 6 a.m. they determined it was empty. state health officials are concerned about a record high percentage of missed immunizations for kindergartners the. officials believe that too many parents are using an exemption for personal beliefs. we'll get an update on your traffic and weather monday coming up. akfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa.
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[ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] good morning. no major hotspots out there now but we have slow areas including in the south bay. come out of downtown san jose, northbound traffic on 280 we have seen brake lights from downtown towards cupertino. your drive time almost 40 minutes now from 101 towards 85. also slow at the bay bridge. it's been backed up to the macarthur maze since about 6:30 this morning after an earlier accident before the pay gates so looking at maybe even 20 minutes to get you on the bridge. and sluggish up the incline, as well. the nimitz 880 okay right now passing the coliseum. and pretty quiet commute up towards downtown oakland. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, we are looking good today. we are going to see more sunshine around the bay area.
7:58 am
temperatures going to heat up nicely but still, a couple of patches of fog outside and you can see toward mount diablo got a couple of patches in that direction and also toward the coastline so travel around the bay area take some extra care today. by the afternoon that is long gone and temperatures heating up in a hurry. 80s inland, beautiful 70s around the bay. should be a gorgeous fall day there. out toward the coastline a couple of patches of fog and temperatures in the 60s. next couple of days we'll heat up. mid-90s toward wednesday in the hottest spots inland then we cool off next weekend a chance of shower. -- showers. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
a beautiful sky beautiful sky o t beautiful sky out there as we welcome you back to the early
8:00 am
show. nice to have you in this morning. >> a lot to get to this morning. you are here on a very exciting day. >> prince william says he has got a first rate grandma. the future king talks about her in great detail. he calls her amazing. we will hear how william is trying to put off as many royal duties as possible because he enjoys his work as a pilot to much. >> we have heard a lot about what a close relationship they have. also this morning, melissa mccarthy is here this morning. to say she has had a great year may be putting it mildly. she had a hilarious performance in "bridesmaids" and she is going to host "saturday night live." first ahead, we have devoted a
8:01 am
significant amount of reporting about bullying. tracy smith shared her story in bullying, words can kill. and we told you about a 14-year-old who killed himself after years of being bullied. one pop star raised a tribute to him. >> reporter: in front of a sold-out crowd, lady gaga paid tribute to one of her biggest fans. >> i know you are up there looking at us. >> hours earlier, family and friends gathered to celebrate the teen's short life. he was laid to rest bearing a
8:02 am
lady gagat-shirt. >> it was his dream to meet her and tell her how he -- she influenced him. >> reporter: lady gaga, who preaches a message of acceptance and tolerance to her millions of fans, is taking the teen's death to heart. tweeting, bullying must become illegal. it is a hate crime. i am meeting with our president. i will not stop fighting. a sentiment his family shares as well. >> it's up to us to make a change because of this. it's up to us to stop the bullying. it's up to us to spread his message. >> bullying is for losers. >> reporter: it's a cause jamey surely would have been proud of. >> he was just so much for her message. besides family, she was the biggest influence in his life. ♪ >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york.
8:03 am
police are investigating whether criminal charges should be brought against the students who were involved in bullying jamey. from lady gaga to michael jackson. opening statements set to begin tomorrow in the manslaughter trial of jackson's doctor. prosecutors say he committed criminal negligence giving jackson a deadly dose of a deadly dose of propofol. >> they may make is more about jackson's life instead of his death. here is jack ford. nice to have you here with us. one of the things jim and i have been talking about this morning, is the jury itself? let's start with that. when you talk about having an impartial jury, probably tough to find anybody in this country who doesn't have some sort of opinion on michael jackson, even though he is not the one on trial. >> the thing about impartial jurors, the idea is not you have to be able to say i know nothing about a case in order to be a
8:04 am
juror. because the reality is, especially with high profile cases nowadays and media platforms out there that will not happen. the standard even if you now something about a case if you can satisfy the judge and lawyers on both sides you haven't made up your mind you can still sit as a juror. every juror said i know a lot about michael jackson and about this case but i still want to hear both sides before i decide whether i would say guilty or not guilty. so that allows them to serve as jurors. >> defense lawyers have a choice to make here about how much of michael jackson's life to sort of put on trial. what is calculus? >> i think they will see a lot of michael jackson. the prosecution is going after the defense, the defense is going after michael jackson. they have to. the defense is saying dr. murray is doing what he thought was right. yes, he needed care and treatment and trying to wean him off of all of these medications. the defense will argue, he is a grown man the defense will argue and we can't be responsible everything he does every minute of his day and you're going to see them is as a consequence of this they have not to do it delicately but go after him.
8:05 am
we have seen signs they will take a look at his physical condition and emotional and mental condition leading into this some way, shape or form, the defense has to go after michael jackson. >> what are the risks for the defense? >> always a risk. you don't want to make -- alienate jurors by saying why this re attacking this person. here as a defense attorney you can do a little bit more challenging a victim when the jurors are not sitting there looking at him maybe feeling sorry for the victim inside of the courtroom. >> are there any limits in terms of what could be brought up? because, you know, you talked a little bit about this in terms of the jurors having an idea who michael jackson was because it does figure into the case. we have heard interesting details about list life. >> the judge is a already said, look. this is not an open day to take
8:06 am
all of your shots at michael jackson. the prosecution, remember, it's not a murder e not intentional. prosecution has to prove that dr. murray engaged in an act. the defense is going to say he didn't consciously disregard any risk. he was trying to medically to take care of him. as we said before they will come after michael jackson. the judge said nod open season and not everything about michael jackson will be coming into this case. you'll be allowed to make some arguments but the judge will take a careful look at what is going to be entered. >> this will be interesting. betty nguyen is standing by at the news desk with another check of some of the headlines we are following on this monday. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is in california this morning part of a three-day west coast campaign swing. in seattle yesterday, mr. obama told supporters, quote, we're not finished yet. at an event where tv cameras were not in the room, the
8:07 am
president cranked up the rhetoric telling supporters the. while funding for the federal government runs out on friday the senate is expected to vote today to avoid a government shutdown but it does not include spending cuts to offset money earmarked for disaster relief. republicans say they have enough votes to block the bill. an american was killed overnight in a shooting in afghanistan. the attack occurred in a former hotel in kabul that is used as an office for the cia. the u.s. embassy said an afghan employee of the complex shot and killed the american and wounded another. in virginia a hero's homecoming for an american marine wounded in afghanistan. 21-year-old kerns was welcomed back by his town and motorcyclists who escorted him home. kern lost both legs and a right arm in an ied blast earlier this year. >> it's an honor to come from a town like this that gives such
8:08 am
great support. it means to me to know that everybody here is here for me. >> his hometown has raised more than $50,000 to help kern's family with medical bills as he
8:09 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by smart. unbig, uncar. for more, visit >> just ahead, home births are on the rise. but is it safe to have your baby in your own home? dr. jennifer ashton is here with important advice on this growing tend. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. on cbs. big! big. big. big, big. big, big. big, big, big. big, big. big, big. big. ♪ big big-big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big-big-big -big, big. -big! -big! -♪ big -big. big, big, big. big, big, big. small. big, big, big, big. small. [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly,
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8:13 am
dr. jennifer ashton has a look at what is truly at stake for moms and their families. >> growing up, when i thought about childbirth in the hospital, it always seemed to scary and painful. >> go ahead. >> reporter: when the time came to plan the birth of their third child, renee and julian dotson thought the baby would be born in their home. >> i wanted to have my baby at home because i wanted to give my child the best birth experience. >> reporter: during contractions she laid face down on a living room couch her sister and mid wife rubbing her back. downstairs the kids watched tv while eagerly awaiting the new arrival. >> hi, baby! >> hi, baby! >> hi! >> reporter: when the moment of truth came, dad helped deliver the baby and then literally jumped for joy. >> that's the best thing about having a home birth is you can control the whole environment. >> yeah. >> you know? >> there is more control. and you know if something doesn't go as planned, that you
8:14 am
have medical, professionals there who can help you. >> reporter: the dotson is are not alone. the percentage of parents opting to have their babies at home jumped by 20% from 2004 to 2008. >> we have a waiting list every single month of people who would really like to give birth with our service. >> reporter: alice bailes is a mid wife. in addition to dotson, she has delivered 1,500 babies in nonhospital and settings. >> to avoid unnecessary intervention. not that they want to avoid technology all together, but use it judicially. >> reporter: that includes induction agents and anesthesia and especially c-sections which have risen from 4.5% of all births in 1965 to 34%, about 1
8:15 am
in 3 today. >> one of my main concerns is the increased incidents of c-sections in this country. >> reporter: but are home births safe? a statement released earlier this year saying the absolutely risk of planned home births is low, published medical evidence shows it does carry a 2 to 3-fold increase in the risk of newborn death compared with planned hospital births. >> in an emergency, seconds can count and it can take a long time to transfer a patient from a home setting to a hospital. but in a hospital setting, we are able to intervene much more quickly. >> reporter: but for the dotsons, the birth of baby isaiah could hardly have gone more smoothly. no drugs, no surgery, and a happy, healthy baby. >> the home birth experience was amazing. it was wonderful. >> so cute. >> so prospective parents, are they getting enough information when they are going to make their decision on where to have the baby? >> well, information is so important.
8:16 am
whether you're planning on home birth or whether you're planning a birth in a hospital setting. it's important to remember that there are certain types of emergencies that can and do occur even in low risk women in which seconds and minutes count. placenta can detach from the wall of the uterus, a post partum has this. the umbilical cord can foul you out and compress the oxygen supply to the baby and can occur without warning and in a hospital setting, it can be difficult. >> you've delivered over a thousand babies. not all in hospital. some in birthing centers. what does a family need to consider before having a home birth? >> these are only for low risk women. they want to find out is your provider licensed? is there an obstetrician available on backup? and how far away are you from the hospital. if it is 30 minutes, that is way too long. >> seconds count. >> thank you. >> don't let the falling economy hit you in the wallet.
8:17 am
financial expert ray martin has tips to help you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. this is "the early show" on cbs. in rome ♪ s ♪ gourmet soups you make at home ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new bertolli frozen meal soup for two. like chicken minestrone with crisp vegetables, white meat chicken, al dente pasta. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ [ both ] ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ [ male announcer ] new bertolli meal soup. with over 30 years of medicare experience, unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help. just give us a call. the annual enrollment period to switch your medicare coverage is earlier this year, from october 15th to december 7th,
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so now is a great time to review your situation. call now or visit us online to get this free answer guide from unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call right now.
8:19 am
stock markets around the world falling again this morning and wall street is coming off its worst week in three years. that sounds uplifting, doesn't it? >> growing fears the world economy is about to dip into another recession. ray martin, cbs money watch is here to help you make sure your finances are prepared. before we prepare, the gazillion dollar question, are we headed for a recession. >> economists forecast a one in three chance. that includes big banks like jpmorgan, goldman sachs. hedge funds managers, 50 to 75,
8:20 am
some major investors say we're already in one. copper futures, prices are down, which predict a recession. chances are pretty good sounds like we're heading there. manufacturing slowing down in china. we see all that, probably says we're going in that direction. >> if we're heading] there, a flashing warning sign at home. >> right. >> what is the best way -- you're going to help us find the best way preparing for that. you say one of the best thing we can do is build a cash cushion. we hear this all the time. talk to us more specifically about you what mean. >> an increased chance of job loss, average length for search foorg new job if you did lose a job in a recession is eight months. it stands to reign you need six to twelve months of cash as a cash cushion if you noticed to look for a new job. you need to build your cash cushion. a couple of things to do, first, decrease your 401(k) down to the minimum to get your match. if you're saving at 4%, 10 decrease decrease to get the match for temporary to get
8:21 am
maximum paycheck. dread disease, charitable contributions, get more cash into your paycheck. reduce income withholdings. most gets a $3,000 refund. that's a couple hundred extra bucks in your paycheck. >> that's your money anyway. >> your money. get it in your paycheck now so you can get it in your paycheck. counter-intuitive. pay off 401(k). if you lose your job, 401(k) is a distribution, taxes and penalties apply to this. >> pay it back right away if you leave your job. >> so after you get your cash cushion in order, then it's time to look at your portfolio. what steps do you take to make your portfolio a bit more recession proof. >> most people think stocks will fall during the recession. actually they fall before a recession. kind of like what we're seeing now. during a recession, stocks can actually go up. seven to last 11 recessions stocks have had gains. look at high-dividend yield stocks that provide dividends of
8:22 am
4 to 6%. invest in general electric, microsoft, intel that pay dividends in 4, 5% area. funds that invest in areas like utilities and telecommunications, which are essential services and energy stocks. energy use at an all-time high even though we're seeing a slowing economy. >> always an opportunity. >> great advice. i know you'll have more on money people worried about becoming unemployed, downsizing, you'll help us prepare for that as well. >> check on the blog. give tips to prepare yourself for recession. >> thanks. good to have you here. as we mentioned you can check that out at cbs money still ahead this morning, melissa m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
good morning. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. president obama is in silicon valley today, arriving at moffett field yesterday and then attended fundraising events in woodside and atherton at the private homes of valley
8:25 am
execs. he will head to the computer history museum in mountain view today, the site of a town hall meeting to be webcast by linkedin. the event is set to begin at 11 a.m. and the patient who died in an oakland hospital from what police call a medical error has been identified as 66-year-old judith ming. she was given a "nonprescribed dosage of medication." her death saturday happened as striking nurses were locked out and replaced by temporary workers. the lockout began friday after the nurses ended a one-day strike. they are set to go back to work tomorrow. and we'll get a check of your traffic, that's coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
we have several areas of slow traffic including the silicon valley commute westbound 237 leaving milpitas. we have brake lights all the way towards about zanker road. so actually your usual commute there. heavier than normal out of downtown san jose, northbound 280 backed up towards cupertino almost 40 minutes out of downtown. and southbound 680 through walnut creek sounds like we had an earlier accident so it is backed up all the way down through the san ramon valley and at the bay bridge it's backed up well into the macarthur maze with about a 20 to 25-minute wait to get you on the span. that's traffic. for your forecast on this monday morning, here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. looking very nice for a monday. we are looking at some sunshine
8:28 am
and a mixture of patchy fog but beautiful as you look toward coit tower right now. you've got nice clear skies, still some patchy fog in the valleys and at the coast but we are going to see more sunshine toward the afternoon. 80s showing up in the valleys today so really rebounding after we had cooler temperatures yesterday. 70s inside the bay. some 60s out along the coastline. next couple of days probably getting hot in spots inland up into the 90s but cooling down on thursday and friday. by next weekend, the clouds do roll back in, a chance of showers on the way. ,, ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour on a monday morning. i'm erica hill, along with jim axelrod who is in for chris this morning. melissa mccarthy is having a phenomenal year. perhaps the highlight was that emmy win last weekend, not to mention the crowd. she is here with us this morning to talk about all of that and the season premiere of "mike and >> what a year. you expect a royal wedding to have a wedding planner but you wouldn't expect her to wear a crown. this morning prince william is talking about the queen elizabeth's role and getting him to the altar. we will talk about the guest
8:31 am
list and one thing he ordered him to wear. texting has become a daily part of communication for millions of americans. according to a new survey, 1 out of 3 people say they would rather text than talk. >> still some confusion on the boundaries of when you should text at a wedding? during a movie? in bed with somebody? >> whoa. >> here is some advice yahoo! weblife editor and textiquette editor, heather cabot is joining us now. here is the question. this all breaks down along generational lines? >> definitely. yahoo! partnered to survey 18 to 64 people to talk about our mobile phone habits. what we found is more than half of the people that we surveyed said that it's perfectly acceptable to text in almost every social situation including family dinner, you mentioned weddings, dates, et cetera.
8:32 am
and it really did break down along generational lines rather than gender lines which is what i expected. generationally, we definitely have a split. >> let's take a look at the specific examples you asked people about. the first one when you're out on a date. you're sitting at dinner on a date and it's okay to text? >> again, age wise, 44% of people over 35 said no. only 25% of people under age 34 said yes. so that means the majority of those younger people say it's fine. we didn't ask if this was a first date. i think that maybe make a little bit of a difference. but yeah, people think it's fine. >> this is real trouble when someone over 5 35 is dating someone under 25. >> that's a separate segment. >> some other places where you found sort of the texting breaking down. >> at a wedding. we asked people if it is acceptable to text at a wedding and nearly 70% said yes. >> that is amazing to me. >> me too. >> you said you didn't ask if
8:33 am
they were talking during the ceremony. >> we didn't get that specific but, still, i personally think it's kind of rude. >> there is a difference between sitting there and texting while at the reception and sneaking into the bathroom. >> or texting a picture to someone from the wedding. we didn't ask that, in fairness. >> still the numbers are amazing. especially on this one. whether it's okay to text in bed. >> 70% of people said they think that is fine. one point about that and maybe you could answer this. most people today charge their cell phones on their night stands. >> or use it as an alarm. i use both cell phone and blackberry and one is across the room and one is next to me. >> maybe it's not a good excuse but it's more common. you have your phone there with you so we feel it's acceptable to shoot off a quick text and answer, et cetera. >> you're the textiquette expert. we are doing this texting and it seems to be okay. there are still rules and boundaries here? >> i think the biggest take-away is that we have to be responsible for our own behavior and recognize that some of this
8:34 am
stuff really is a self-fulfilling prophecy. if we are sending out texts at 11:00 at night we are asking people -- remember entrueding on other people and if we are responding to them we are setting the tone. i think it's important to look at our own behavior and be mindful and thoughtful of other people and look at the examples we are sitting for our own family. have a curfew for your phone. turn in the phone at 8:00 and do that for yourself and have a blackout. >> even during dinner. >> i suppose you shouldn't turn around and wonder whether you're having difficulties with people if you're texting at 11:00 at night. >> good point. >> heather cabot, thanks. here is betty nguyen at the news desk with a final check of today's other headlines for us. >> i'm not texting and putting it down right now. good morning to you at home. american amanda knox is back in italy this morning. closing arguments resumed in the appeal of her murder conviction. the lawyer for a bar owner
8:35 am
accused by -- of murdering her roommate said in court today said knox is a she devil. a verdict on her appeal is expected early next month. a tour bus caught fire and blew up. it was carrying 50 people this morning. look at that. fortunately, everybody had scrambled off the bus before the explosion. the bus was a total loss as you see there but no one hurt. the first of boeing's long awaited dream liners has been delivered. the first 787 was handed over to a japanese airline yesterday three years behind schedule. boeing expects the revolutionary lightweight carbon fiber design to save airlines on fuel costs. swimmer diane nyad is giving up to make history by swimming from cuba to florida without a cage. she ended her adventure because
8:36 am
of jellyfish bites. >> reporter: a frustrated and disappointed diane nyad ended her swim early sunday morning halfway through the journey from cuba to florida. >> i knew i could do it but i couldn't get there! i wanted that feeling to be on the beach so badly! >> she was forced out of the water after being stung several times by portuguese jellyfish that left her face and body swollen. >> this thing happened first. then it came up the arm over here and up over all under the under arm. huge stings. >> reporter: the stings temporarily paralyzed her spine. they said another sting could be life-threatening. nyad said the pain was unbearable. >> the pain was ferocious. i swam a couple of strokes and thought you're going through a million of these. you better tough it
8:37 am
8:38 am
with few actors are hotter in hollywood than melissa mccarthy. she is about to kick off her second season in "mike and molly." and over the summer she pretty much stole the summer in the blockbuster film "bridesmaids." >> after that hard work last week she walked away with an emmy as best actress in a comedy. ma lis melissa, congratulations! >> where is the crown? >> right here. can you imagine? >> i can watch the scene of you getting the emmy over and over. i know you're a great actress but you can't be faking what is going on at that moment.
8:39 am
>> oh, my god, no. in about 8 billion years, i didn't see that coming. i completely thought the bit worked. this is great. let's go back to our seats. then i saw rob lowe and i thought what is he doing? when they said my name, i thought i'm going down. i am going to go right down to the ground outcome wardly. >> have you rewatched that moment in your speech? >> i had to because remember a word i said. afterwards, people are saying i'm from illinois too. i'm like how did you know? i had no memory of what i said. they said you're from plainfield. i said when did i say that? they said in your speech. i thought what else did i say. i was so overwhelmed but i didn't know what was coming out of my mouth. >> in after the years, did you let yourself get to a moment if i ran the table i could win an emmy what it would feel like? >> i think you always hope, gosh, you know, wouldn't that be amazing? i don't know how possible i
8:40 am
thought it was. i mean, everything has to kind of lineup yu right. you have to get just the right show and just the right part for those things to happen. i think as an actor you're like i hope i work. i hope i get a job. then anything on top of that, you don't get too crazy. >> clearly the stars are aligned. not that we want to jinx it, but things with going pretty well right now. you have this gorgeous blue dress on. you do have something to fall back on because you designed your own dress. >> i did. it was a dark, dark purple. i went to school for clothing and textiles and thought that is what i was going to do. then i started working in costumes and literally said, i don't know if i can take the actors. >> then you became one of those. >> then i became the person i've made fun of. >> you often say that to the people in your wardrobe department? i'm not sure you can take me! >> no. i hope they are not thinking that about me. >> "bridesmaid." according to my mother, i agree with her, you stole that movie. >> i don't think that is true. i think it was kind of a bionic
8:41 am
group of women. i have known so many of those ladies for a lot of years so to get to do that, there she is. she is something in a hat, huh! woo! >> i find out afterward, that is your husband? >> that is my husband ben! that was just home footage that we had. oh, that's just some of us on a plane! >> flight to vegas the two of you. >> it was ridiculous to be able to get to shoot that with him was crazy. >> it's great and so much fun. the season premiere of "mike and molly" is teeing up. you guys got engaged. we have a clip to look at. >> if we want a shot at booking a nice place, we need to look right now. >> okay. wait. what are we looking for? >> a place to have our wedding. >> sure! we're going to need that. >> otherwise, we are going to end up getting married in your brother's backyard and having a reception at the sizzler. >> sizzler?
8:42 am
is that a real option? >> a lot of women are sitting at home, going, uh-huh, that, i remember that conversation. >> i had that conversation. billy oh, god. >> all of the laughs, there is a serious cultural implication here watching two people meet at overeaters anonymous, something important to some folks. i'm just wondering what you have heard from people, since the success of this show, about real folks getting together. >> i just think it's good to see kind of a different palette on tv. i think whatever direction you go, i think it's nice that someone is like, oh, i get a lot of comments that they love, you know, i'm a teacher or i have a sister that is a teacher. you look like a teacher. you dress like a teacher. i've always had a thing i hate where somebody is talking about i can't pay the rent. i'm like you have a 3,000 dollar
8:43 am
handbag. we try to stay true to the characters. they do a great little story and i think luckily we get to stay true to it. >> it's a fun relatable show. >> i think so. >> it's great fun to watch and why it was such a hit last year and will be this year too. we have to say quickly you're hosting "saturday night live." >> for the love of god, i'm hosting "saturday night live." >> that is like your roots in many ways. >> i've been at the ground links theater for probably 15 years and where i met kristen and myaa and wendy and where i met my husband. to do "snl," i can't quite even process it still. >> are you nervous? >> i'm totally nervous and wildly excited. >> it's going to be phenomenal. >> the great run continues. >> i can't stay up that late so i will set my dvr. >> neither can i. the real challenge is will i be awake. >> we look forward to the season premiere to "mike and molly." and continued success. you're great to watch.
8:44 am
>> thank you. >> great to see you. >> you can catch the season premiere of "mike and molly" tonight on cbs. ahead, prince william's candid conversation about his grandmother. we will tell you how she guided, i am a face unclogger.
8:45 am
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♪ we love that music here. queen elizabeth is 85 years old and next year celebrate 60 years on the throne and in no hurry to give up any of her duties. in a candid new interview with her grandson, prince william. charlie d'agata is in london with the details for us. we love candid details, charlie. >> reporter: it turns out the queen only wears one crown but when becoming a grandmother to the future king. part head of family and part
8:47 am
head of state and as it turns out part wedding planner too. to the world queen elizabeth reign spans 12 american presidents and six popes and to prince william she is my incredible grandma. an upcoming book paints the close relationship between william and the queen. in it, the prince recalls royal advisers the time they handed him his wedding guess list. i was given a list of 777 names. all sorts of people. not one person i knew. he said he looked at it in horror and said only one person he could go to, the boss. i rang her up the next day and said do we need to be doing this? she said, no. start with your friends first and then go from there. and she told me to bend the list. not to say she doesn't pull rank on the prince too. as an officer in a multitude of service branches, he had a choice of which military uniform to wear at the wedding. except he didn't. the queen insisted he we had in
8:48 am
his irish guards uniform one of her own wretregiments. can be a two-way street. william and brother harry have been known to dispense a little advice of their own. >> william and harry, they have a laugh. they taught her how to text and use mobile phones and they are able to relax while, at the same time, respecting her as head of state. >> reporter: the prince says hee is in no rush to think about his turn as head of state and palace spokesman told us this morning one option but is a decision made by william and his grandmother when the time comes. >> charlie d'agata, thanks. joining us is cbs news royal contributor, victoria arbiter. you come from good stock. that was your dad, dickey arbiter. >> it was nice to see him in
8:49 am
london this morning. >> in leading up to the wedding, we talked about the relationship with the relationship that william has with his grandmother it was a close-knit relationship and rely a lot on one another. anything surprising we are learning about it now? >> i think what is especially lovely to see is that the queen is really educating william in the need to strike a balance between personal and duty. the charlie said you can bend the list. there was not a necessity to bring along the heads of state, all of the foreign leaders and yet duty came through with his uniform. she had recently appointed him as the irish guards and highest military position so duty called and he was instructed to wear the uniform. >> it also sort of points up the dynamics of the relationship in which she is certainly going to give him, i suppose, a little bit of leash to make his own decision, but she is also going to insist that certain things are upheld? >> i like that that we are seeing that upheld with william saying you know when to say yes and when to say no. certain battles can fight and certain ones you can't. the queen is keen to make sure
8:50 am
william has the support he needs moving forward and she is very proud and he really has an amazing, you know, influence there with his grandmother and his father. no one has had that much experience on which to draw so she is leading a good part for him. >> in terms of this interview, you know, the queen is thought of very proper and you hear stories she has a wicked sense of humor and tidbits that only nek out now and then. is william giving a little bit more in this interview? we can learn a little bit more about her? >> yes, he certainly is. everyone's view of the queen mother was twinkling-eyed granny. she is 25 to 60 years and celebrates next year and lovely to see a sense of her personality and a bit of that humor. people said she was plaulve at the wedding practically skipping down the aisle. this is not a queen we know so glad we are seeing that now. >> does that explain the reason why now for this interview? in anticipation of marking this big event next year that therapy beginning to sort of roll out a
8:51 am
sense of who queen elizabeth really is? >> yes. i think so. it's been an incredibly positive time for the royal family. this wedding kicked off really almost two years of celebrations and next year, we are going to see the queen celebrating an anniversary that only one monarmonda monarch has celebrated before her, queen victoria. great to see that. >> what still has to come and we have talked so much about and charlie touched on it she is not ready to step down yet. after this celebration will she dial back and push some of those on to prince william or prince charles? >> if she has her way? no. she took her vows when she was crowned and she said there is for life. she has a lot of energy and has great genes. she can't be doing as much as she calls did which i think we saw william go to australia and new zealand to visit victims of the earthquake and floods there.
8:52 am
>> the younger generation is the point person and heading into the 60th wedding anniversary they didn't go to charles but william to lay the points out. >> i think they were trying to highlight william because it was his wedding as well. we have got to be clear that charles is not going to be skipped. he has a role too and it's an important one. >> victoria arbiter, nice to be with us. >> nice to have all of us with us this morning. jim, great to have you here as well. >> thank you. >> we will you back here tomorrow on "the early show." stay tuned. your local news is next. state farm. this is jessica.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
police say a replacement nurse administered a lethal nonprescribed dose of medication to her. oakland police are looking for a driver tied to a deadly police shooting. cops say a passenger in the car ran after police pulled him over during a traffic stop. police caught up with the suspect and then a struggle ensued and he threatened them with a gun. that's the when an officer shot him to death. the driver got away. shane bauer and josh fattal have just spent their first night in the u.s. since being released from prison in iran. the two cal grads spoke in new york yesterday saying they were who is -- saying they were hostages and political prisoners for the past two years. we'll a traffic and weather coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,
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